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C.A.U.T.I.O.N. A Word I Cannot Understand...

i'm finally home bitches!

the car ride back was alright... i just slept. i called lauren while they were at the warped tour, and they were watching The (International) Noise Conspiracy... i kinda regret doing that... it just made me wanna be there even more...

so yeah... kinda down that i missed the warped tour... i'm really tired too. i'm so sick of long car rides... so yeah...

tomorrow should cheer me up a bit though. lauren and i are gonna hangout... it'll be awesome, as usual.
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kinda down that i missed the warped tour...

bleeeehhhh it sucks you missed it. it was. super. butttttt theres always next year
yeah... but it still sucks that i missed it...
mmhm. But i definitely know the feeling. I missed it last year cuz im gay and got grounded.
we missed you there...we tried calling when the international noise conspiracy came on. and lauren already told you but i took alot of pics for you since we were in the front row. we could practically touch them.
It was hot and I got sunburned. =/
hahaha of coarse tomorrow will cheer you up. and we're glad you're back. lauren and i also found in the paper that they're having a pupet show at the LIBRARY today...your favorite place. and now lauren has a library card so things should be fun!