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destination unknown... ruby, ruby, ruby, ruby so hoe!

well, i'm going home tomorrow morning. thank god. i'm gonna be damn glad to get home, even though i'll be in the car while all my pals are at the warped tour, i'm still glad that i'm going home.

i'm gonna spend all of thursday with lauren. i've missed her so goddamn much. i'm really fucking glad to be going back home to see her.

so yeah... 11 hour car ride... it's gonna suck. i've got my cds though, and i can sleep the whole damn time, so it's all good.

oh yeah, i got the hives new album... and it's fucking awesome.

...damn glad to be going home...
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dude i love car rides.
i can sleep for hours and it doesnt matter.
very cool.
yeah... i'm kinda burnt out on long car rides though...
i can't wait to see you! have a safe trip home
yes, i can't wait to see you either.
11 hour car ride!

shit, i would die. motion sickness = NOT a good thing.
ew... motion sickness... that sucks.

i'm damn glad i don't get that.
Merf. You're going to burn the new Hives album for me. Whether you like it or not, biatch. =P
haha okie dokie.