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i wanna go home...

ok, usually i come to st.louis every summer and don't wanna go back home. this time, i can't wait to leave this place... i think it's because i have a reason to go back home.

i really miss lauren... she burnt me a copy of the ramones anthology to go along with my other ramones albums. but i listen to them, and i just get really freaking home sick... it's ridiculous.

well, i leave here wednesday... i'll be back home late though. so i'll talk to you guys when i get back.
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ahhh thats adorable. <3

i wish i had someone to miss and come home to.

well, try to have some fun in st. louis? haha
i'm trying to have some fun... though tomorrow shouldn't suck too bad. i'm going to the hard rock cafe... i fucking love those places.
i miss you so much... i cant wait til thursday!
thinking about thursday is pretty much all that keeps me going... that and the ramones cd's..