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...i used to be on an endless road...

so yeah... last night was so fucking awesome... i still can't get over how great it was.

today was broing... i woke-up at 3:00 or so, and got on the internet, and talked to Givens. we were looking at some guitars on ebay, and he found my dream guitar. it's a mosrite copy from some japanese company, but johny ramone played a mosrite, so that's the reason why it's my dream guitar. i want one really bad.

after that i went and got a haircut... it looks alright, i guess... i'd put a picture up, but the digital camera is sick. i don't know if i like it... i miss my hair. then i watched the ramones movie, "rock n' roll highschool" again... god i love that movie.

then i mowed the grass, and now i'm here.

"I Regret That I Only Have One Life To Give For Rock N' Roll!"
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well we're glad that you're happy and sad you dont like your hair. im gonna look so funny, i get my braces off tomorrow and i get my haircut on friday and the people from school havent even seen me with my hair short
what happened? what made u so happy?
what happened?

well, uh... good stuff.

(p.s. it has to do with lauren... even though you don't know who i'm talking about)
mmm i love guitars
heres a guitar i reeeeally want:
nice, i like it.
(or i wanan steal my brothers gibson sg)